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Created15.07.2019 18:06

Ladislav Munka (SniperT240) 15.07.2019 18:06
I just created Sample mod map from Westbridge Hills in GE 6.0.3....
In GE the map isn't having any problems. (loading, saving, exporting, modding, etc.)
But when I try to load this map, the map gets never loaded

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.07.2019 18:23
Be sure to use the latest updates, AFAIK game vs. 1.4.2 and GE vs. 6.0.5

Check the game log for errors.

Ladislav Munka (SniperT240) 15.07.2019 19:19
Thanks for help... I have The 1.4.2 version and GE 6.0.5, but the 6.0.5 always crashes, when I try to export or save I3D file.
That's, why I use GE 6.0.3
(still not working)

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 15.07.2019 23:01
Your modmap is in expected modfolder?
Anyway - you should have errors in game log.
If there is often "couldn't load .." or similar, load the map.i3d into text editor and check the filepaths. Maybe you have exported wrong and the paths point to an absolute location/drive.
Also don't use cloud störage for user datas like OneDrive or similar.

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