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Giants Editor v7.0.0 32 Bit?

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Created23.10.2016 16:21

The Farmer (Unknown) 23.10.2016 16:22
When is the Giants Editor v7.0.0 32 Bit available?

Daniel Frøland (Unknown) 23.10.2016 16:29
What is the problem with the 64 bit? :)
It will most likely be released with the game in the sdk folder :P

The Farmer (Unknown) 23.10.2016 16:30
But i have Windows 7 32 Bit so 64bit will not run ;)

Jorn Hiel (fa285634) 22.06.2017 21:03
sadly to say to all the 32b owners, but its time to upgrade to a 64b machine. More and more software company will stop developping and releasing for 32b systems.

Arjen Paulusma (Unknown) 25.10.2017 22:19
Sad to hear there is no 32bit update, whilst there is a world of players out there with the still supported 32bit OS. Shame you really, it's not up to a software vendor to decide whether to use 32 or 64bit OS.

Jim Peterson (JimmytheGeek) 26.10.2017 13:44
Actually, it IS up to the software vendor as to whether 32- or 64-bit OS is supported. If they choose to not fully support a 32-bit OS, then it's their choice. In this case, I believe Giants are riding the wave of 64-bit adoption, which is at an all-time high largely because Microsoft and the PC market are putting out fewer and fewer 32-bit products. It sucks for the end user who maybe can't afford to upgrade or has some legacy 32-bit software that has no 64-bit replacement, but that's life sometimes...

Linus Jansson (Linusbm) 11.04.2023 20:43

Juan Corona (juanchocoro01) 04.06.2023 03:54
no me deja entrar

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