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Tutorial for converting maps?

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Created25.10.2016 20:39

Bengt Sæther (Nordvarg) 25.10.2016 20:40
Hi :)

Will you publish a tutorial on how to convert a FS15 map to FS17?

All the best!

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.10.2016 09:02

there are no plans for such a tutorial, as much as I know.


Bengt Sæther (Nordvarg) 26.10.2016 11:15
Thanks Emil :)

I just found this page:

Does it mean that this page won't be updated?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.10.2016 09:44

yes, that site should be extended soon.
But please be patient - it will take some time.


Bengt Sæther (Nordvarg) 27.10.2016 10:38
Thanks a lot, Emil. That's great news :) No problems with being patient. The game is so good it will keep me occupied for quite some time (thumbsUp)

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