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Can't find modmap.sdk in fs2017

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Created27.10.2016 11:59

Rob Vogel (54robb) 27.10.2016 12:01

Where is the modmap.sdk, can't find it in the sdk file in the gamedirectory.

Ausimods (AusiMods) 27.10.2016 13:35

Keith Windsor (Unknown) 29.10.2016 15:45
There is no samplemodmap for fs17 that I can see, can anyone please help with this?

Tom Endeman (Unknown) 29.10.2016 17:49
Just open Giants Editor 7.0.2:
- Click File
- Click New Mod From Game
- Then you can choose Map1 or Map2 (map1 = Goldcrest Valley map2 = Sosnovka)

Then you have a beispiel map

Doug Borden (skyfire) 03.11.2016 06:08
Hi. When i click on new mods from game with Giants Editor 7.0.2 a box comes up with installation directory not found and asks to please make sure the game is installed?

Jorn Hiel (fa285634) 03.11.2016 09:27
@Doug Borden, set the installation folder under Preferences

Doug Borden (skyfire) 03.11.2016 18:19
@Jorn Hiel, thank you that did it.

Hakuna Matata (Unknown) 05.11.2016 02:41
set the installation folder under Preferences----how to make that?

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