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Created28.10.2016 01:17

Jonathan Taylor (Unknown) 28.10.2016 01:19
If I create a mod and it has the same name as a default in game item, does it actually override the in game version when you enable it?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.10.2016 08:51

no, it should not.
Test it :)


Pierre S (Apocalypse) 28.10.2016 09:52

How to write in the "moddesc" a new name "l10n" for designConfigurations, wheelConfigurations ... ?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 01.11.2016 08:42

here's a quick example:

<text name="configuration_myConfigurationName">
<en>English configuration name</en>
<de>German configuration name</de>

Maaslandmods Author (Maaslandmods) 05.11.2016 20:19
@Emil Drefers

What to type in the .xml for configuration?

and has there a special specialization in the moddesc?

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