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Textures missing in maps based on the sample sdk

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Created28.10.2016 07:54

Mar Farmar (mfwgmxde) 28.10.2016 07:59

I have a problem creating a map based on the sample mod map. I do the common steps
1. extract the sample mod map zip to any folder
2. open GoldCrest map in GE 7.0.2
3. choose "export all with files" to <MapFolder>\map\map01.i3d
4. close goldcrest and open the ModMap
5. there are textures missing error messages, e.g. manure_diffuse... what's interesting those textures are searched in a folder named "maps" but in my modmap there is no such folder. On the other hand, in the game does files reside in a folder named maps.

What's wrong here?


Alex Fallenstein (Unknown) 28.10.2016 10:19

1. Create a new directory e.g. SampleModMap
2. Open GE - you do not need to open a map from the game
3. Go to "File" in the upper left Corner and choose "New Mod from Game"
4. An new window will appear where you have to choose which part or map you want to create
5. after choosing hit enter to proceed to the next step (new window)
6. choose your working directory e.g. SampleModMap (you have created in the first step)
7. press ok

best regards


Mar Farmar (mfwgmxde) 28.10.2016 10:23
Ok, thanks,

got it working, unfortunately there was no hint how to do this with in FS17.

In the modding bokks the FS15 way is described and along with the DVD there is the "map sdk". This is misleading information and this was why I took the FS15 way.

thanks again

Alex Fallenstein (Unknown) 28.10.2016 10:27
you are welcome

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