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Created28.10.2016 18:19

Ducry Jerome (agrorepa) 28.10.2016 18:26
Hello, in FS17 vehicles xml we find these lines ->


Has what features correspond these lines and how to find this information or with any program for a new mod or for upgrade FS15 mod to FS17.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Rick Nock (Unknown) 28.10.2016 23:46
yes i would like to know this also, ANY info would be much obliged

Jonas A. L. Andersen (StjerneIdioten) 29.10.2016 12:52
I'm wondering this exact thing too, would be nice with some info on what to do with those fields.

Samuel H. (modelleicher) 10.11.2016 16:04
Open the whole mod (not just i3d) in the Giants Editor.
(File -> Open mod -> select modDesc.xml from mod)

Then save.. It will automatically update those values in the XML ;)

Ducry Jerome (agrorepa) 12.11.2016 13:33
Hello mister modelleicher, thank's for your method, but if i open mod from FS15 or the same mod after converting for FS17, giants editor give not these entry in xml or in modDesc.

I testing with writing manualment entry in xml with or without value and it does not work.

It's the same with new GE 7.0.3 too.


Christian Ferfers (Unknown) 13.11.2016 15:38
Only the console version of LS17 requiers the RAM Usage. If you do Mods for PC, ignore this. If you upload your Mods on Modhub, Giants will add these lines.

Edit see at the Moment Stegei post the information at this Thread.

Ducry Jerome (agrorepa) 13.11.2016 15:56
Hello, thank's for info, i have not see on official forum.


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