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Importing an Object into new Map Issue

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Created28.10.2016 19:24

Brian Blank (blankman77) 28.10.2016 19:27
Hello - I "exported an object (will all files)" from a previous map. When I open that object in the Giants Editor All is good except the "center point" of the object (the tool which allows you to move and rotate the object) is very far way from the actual object. This makes moving the object around very difficult. I tried creating a new transform group but the center point of the object never changes. is there a way to fix this so that the center point is located on the object? Thank you.

Kamil Patryk (CML99) 29.10.2016 13:36
Reimport it to 3D editor and move to 0 coords then export it.
Or create a transorm group and place that object the way it is in the centre of the group.

Brian Blank (blankman77) 31.10.2016 15:15
thank you

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