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Created29.10.2016 17:49

Tom Endeman (Unknown) 29.10.2016 17:50
I changed the Goldcrest map and now i will play it but he gives a fault:

Error: Failed to load mod map 'Goldcrest_Valley_2'. Missing element: ''.

What can i do? what is the fault meaning.

thank you

Tobias S (Spledo) 29.10.2016 19:29
go to you mapfolder and open the moddesc.xml
go to line 13 and 25(use notepad++) and you see this <iconFilename></iconFilename>
You must enter between ><
it must look so <iconFilename></iconFilename>

Tom Endeman (Unknown) 31.10.2016 08:34
@tobias S,

Thank you that works for me:)

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