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Make vehicle not leasable.

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Created29.10.2016 20:57

Markus Karlsson (Unknown) 29.10.2016 21:04
Does anyone know if it is possible to make a vehicle non leasable?

It seems this is not possible to specify in the vehicle XML, the only way I have found so far is to mess with the StoreItemsUtil

If I set the storeItems[].runningLeasingFactor to nil, it will not be possible to lease it.
However, this causes some problems such as the "Confirm purchase dialog" to not show up and the vehicle will be purchased if you simply double click on the shop item.

It feels like this solution is causing some internal undefined behavior.

I would appreciate if some one from giants could help me on this one.


Kevin Meyhoff-nissen (KevinMn) 30.10.2016 14:43
Just out of curiosity, why don't you want your mod to be leasable?

Markus Karlsson (Unknown) 30.10.2016 18:26
Because the vehicle is not really a vehicle:

This mod is a temporary vehicle that spawns bales and then deletes itself.
You should not be able to lease a "bale delivery".

This ugly way I mentioned in the top post is the only way I have found so far.
I have now found out that it is possible to make the confirm purchase dialog to reappear again, however this whole thing just feels like a dirty trick.

William Burns (51stHD) 30.10.2016 21:39
That's a cool mod you've done with the bales

I just noticed that in FS17 you can now bale grass with the square baler and get grass bales which you couldn't do in FS15. Grass seems to be handled better in FS17 and is a separate feed stuff for the cattle

if you haven't already done so, I would suggest adding the new grass square bales to your mod

As far as the leasing thing goes I don't think it's a major issue for the user to just not lease them

Tim Derks (timmiej93) 05.02.2017 22:54
I'm sorry about bumping this old topic, but how exactly did you mess with the StoreItemsUtil? I would love to take a look at that file, but I can't find it or reference to it anywhere.

Leendert Verhulst (Unknown) 01.03.2017 19:31

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