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Created30.10.2016 02:27

Craticus Potts (Unknown) 30.10.2016 02:29
does anyone know how to fix the light in a FS15 mod conversion? all done apart from this damn thing and carnt find any info on the web yet :(

thx in advance

Thomas A. (Unknown) 30.10.2016 09:23
Export lights from vehicle FS17 and import in your mod.

Kamil Patryk (CML99) 02.11.2016 14:36
If you mean the white rectangles then you have to replace the old light corona textures with FS17 ones (data/shared/corona_white...)

Tony Corken (SwissTony) 02.11.2016 22:23
same applies to the red and orange corona textures. Just copy them from the main game and rename them as required in your mod

Kristian Asplund (Harryy) 04.11.2016 15:26
you can open the textures in a editing program and paint the white parts black and then it works

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