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Turning of vehicle switch in map overview

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Created30.10.2016 11:02

Jonny Larsson (Unknown) 30.10.2016 11:05

I am trying to make a mod where you cant use TAB or any other button to switch vehicles.

I managed to turn of the normal switch function but you can still switch if you go into Map Overview, where can i find the code function for it so i can disable it?

D. Ecker (Decker_MMIV) 31.10.2016 11:07
Take a look at the VehicleEnterRequestEvent in the LuaDoc.

I suppose that you want to prohibit 'teleportation' between vehicles.

So maybe the VehicleEnterRequestEvent's run-method could be extended with a "is player in range" check?
If the player is not within range of the vehicle, then dont send a VehicleEnterReponseEvent.

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