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changing fill type for train waggon

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Created31.10.2016 20:43

Sven Jensen (Unknown) 31.10.2016 20:48
I am trying to add the wood chip fill type to the wood chip train wagon. In the xml for the wood chip wagon all i have is this fillTypeCategories="trainWagon" were can I access this to add the wood chips or is there another way to add this fill type.

Marco Larrivee (Unknown) 23.12.2016 19:50
j ai le meme probleme j ai ajouter copaux de bois sur trigger sur les coop je pourais decharger avec le train mais pas capable de rajouter le filltype sur les vagon jai passer les fichier au peigne fin mais non

William Rowe (Bonger76) 23.12.2016 22:33
I had to lower the fillVolumeUnloadNode then change the filltype to bulk then it will take woodchips and everything else but I think all you have to do is the fillVolumeUnloadNode, If you are getting the train to open from you map please let me know how can not get it to work,I edited the woodchips train car and saved as woodchips_2.i3d and made new xml and open it from $data/vehicals/train it makes it hard to release a map when you have to add files to the $data folder have the same problem with the sky has to be opened from $data Im making a 4X map


James Norred (Cajunwolf) 24.12.2016 01:39
Interesting, and I need to learn this too, so I'll follow along. I'm working on a 16x (4096x4096) map and will have three train systems when done. So far I've two complete, and one is strictly for timber with 6 timber cars. It makes a rout through a mountainous area darn near the size of a small map covered in forest. The other is pretty much standard with one extra grain car. What I would like to do is use the large wood chips car as a universal car that can haul anything from grain to wood chips to taters and have both train 2 and 3 having all or at least one of these cars. I'll say one thing, it took a long long time to not just assemble, but spline that long train track up through the mountains and back, oh my, I've still one to go, and dreading it.

Bio Medical Extetion (Unknown) 03.12.2017 15:59
William Rowe where can I set or put fillVolumeUnloadNode value ? which file? THX

Bio Medical Extetion (Unknown) 03.12.2017 16:24

Bio Medical Extetion (Unknown) 03.12.2017 16:24

William Rowe (Bonger76) 07.12.2017 04:25
The fillVolumeUnloadNode is in your i3d this post was last year and they have fix the woodChips traincar to take the chips i think and lowered the node look at the train acr in the the latest update,you can load the train from your map with the train xml. in the right place in your moddedmap,and edit the xml. if you put bulk in the filltypes the woodChips traincar will load anything that can be loaded it to a trailer.
hope that might help

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