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An error with the camera

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Created03.11.2016 00:39

Andrei Sprinseana (xsenio) 03.11.2016 00:51
Hello everyone and thank you for the beautiful game. I have to ask you a question. The fact that converted a mod with 15 farms in 17 works all right without any mistakes. But I try to put the first camera view from the cockpit and there is such a mistake. When buying a vehicle crashes game.

Error: Running LUA method 'update'.
dataS/scripts/vehicles/specializations/Drivable.lua:0: attempt to index field 'activeCamera' (a nil value)

I tried differently than as not working. Works only when the first chamber from the outside, and then you can switch between the cameras

thank you in advance

Andrei Sprinseana (xsenio) 04.11.2016 12:48
On defoltnoy technology I tried the same thing can not be changed.

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