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Created04.11.2016 18:24

Alexzander Evans (Unknown) 04.11.2016 18:34
Im trying to make a new silage bunker but not sure on how to make the colision with the walls works so the silage stays in the bunk and doesnt clip though the wall

Craig Broerman (Unknown) 23.11.2016 16:23
This link from the community might help you out.

Craig - CBJ Midwest Moding

Orosz Stanislav (lopraiz2) 26.02.2017 12:46
prím o radu mám v logu error ---- Error: TipUtil.registerDensityMapHeightType given fillType is already registered.
jedná se zřejmě o špatné uložení textury.

Orosz Stanislav (lopraiz2) 26.02.2017 12:51

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