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Hello, I'm new here... help with log error???

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Created05.11.2016 04:31

Sam Baczkiewicz (Unknown) 05.11.2016 04:39
Hello, As I said, I'm new here and quite new to modding fs15 and fs17. I have got success with the conversion of a mod... And yes it will be a private mod BUT I need help with the log. Okay, so, the mod purchases and i can get in it too! But I cannot drive the thing. the log/console tells me the following:

Error: Running LUA method 'update'.
dataS/scripts/utils/Utils.lua:0: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value

It says it over and over until I get out of the modded tractor.... Please help!!! I am about to lose it.

Help is VERY appreciated!!!! Thanks in advance!


Sam Baczkiewicz (Unknown) 06.11.2016 22:06
Anyone? I'm desperate...

Robert L (Spartan086) 07.11.2016 09:15
Very hard to tell anything from that error message. But my guess would be that there is a reference in the vehicles .xml file such as <something something="1>2|0"> which is supposed to point to an object in the i3d file, but that has been removed, hence it would not be able to find it and cause a "nil value".

Disable all your other mods, start the game, but vehicle, enter it, exit game and be sure to read through the entire log file, see if there is any other errors/warnings that occur before it starts spamming that error, that can give you a clue as to where the error actually comes from.

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