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Created05.11.2016 14:17

Apon Alon (Arifen) 05.11.2016 14:28
Hi, i found really interesting bug with Tip Collision because you can't create own 100% functional map. When somebody want's to create own map, he has to change Collision for Tipping, but when i change it through Giants Editor in Info layers and save it and tried it in the game, nothing changes. There are screens to explain this. -> i changed it to this -> -> but game works by this info map

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 07.11.2016 15:10
I think you are not alone that are confused! LOL
New giants editor,and editing the maps for Giants engine 7 is one big mess,if you ask me.Many people report bugs and problems.Guys from Giants are always great on this forum,so i expect soon couple of good tutorials and explanation about creation of maps.
When we talk about your problem they must be some white rabbit in the box,some little thing you doing wrong.I had problems with folliage layers and find out that you must delete all fields on exported map and start from scratch!
I suggest you should try to erase colision.grle file and make new blank PNG image(grayscale).
Maybe this will work.
Right now i dont have any other ideas about this problem.

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