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Created05.11.2016 17:40

Hellena Babe (Unknown) 05.11.2016 17:40
While playing on the russian map (map02) i wanted to remove one of the permanent houses at the starting farm (i think it's the vhichle repair shop). So i downloaded giants editor and clicked the house and removed it. Filled in the ground and colored it to plates like the rest of the farm. When ingame the house is gone and has no colition model but i still cannot dump grass or hay there.
Is there some thing left that i have to remove in order to make the ground dumpable?. Worth pointing out that i was able to place a large storage shelter there (ingame)

Hellena Babe (Unknown) 05.11.2016 17:41

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 08.11.2016 19:28
You must make changes to tipCol Info Layer i suppose.
This layer tells the game where you can dump your stuff.So here what you should do:

Open the map in the editor and select "Terrain Info Layer Paint Mode",after that in Terrain Editing window you must select tipCol,under the Info Layer.
When you choose that,you will see white zones on your map,this zones are forbiden for dumping,so if it area of your house in it you must delete this zone.
Maybe you will still have problems even after you do everything i said,cause giants editor is still buggy sometimes,and wont write tipCol.grle,but you can also see here in the forum about this thread.

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