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Map Creating: Storeplace missing

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Created05.11.2016 21:55

Bryce Conklin (KasKadia) 05.11.2016 21:55
I am currently working on my first map so I'm pretty new to this. I have download a black starter map and started building. I got the store and it was missing the store buying places.

I looked up some other forums to find the answer and nothing worked. I even opened Goldcrest to see how the "storePlace" was set up and set it the same on my map. Still did not work and getting "There is no room" message when buying.

Larry Horse (Larry) 06.11.2016 01:43
There are too many things to list you could have messed up,but best bet is to open Goldcrest map and see how everything is set up.Is you store Place above ground,is it overlapping with other collisions,user attributes,is it a right collision mask, and so on...Oh another thing...Get a prescription for Zenex and a 5th or two of Jmeson. You'll need it.

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