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Giants editor 7.0.2 not registering anything i do on map

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Created07.11.2016 08:18

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 07.11.2016 08:22
Please help me,im experienced moder but i cannot solve this problem.So here it is any change i do in editor showing in the editor but not in the game.Fields stay the same,foliage also,when i open the map in editor,editor showing that foliage,or field are exactly like i saved them.But then i open map in the game stay default,nothing is changing,im realli confused guys so please help!
I would apreciate it!

Thomas A. (Unknown) 07.11.2016 09:27
Start new savegame with this map.

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 07.11.2016 10:20
I know about that and already try it,every time i start with new save game,and problem still persist!
I deleted every save game i had and start the new game with the map,still the same,foliage and fields showing changed like i saved them in editor,but not in the game.
Pretty weird!
They must be something else,cause i deal with modding since FS 2013,i never had this problem so far :(

UPDATE: I find out that only thing that is not showing is foliage layers,and fields,terrain and objects are showing changes correctly.But i cannot erase or add foiliage,or painting fiields,they are showing just in giants editor!
Now im really frustrated cause i dont know what is the source of this problems.I deleted all save games,clean cache,and problem is still there!

Raphael Kaswki (Unknown) 19.02.2017 18:47
Edit The .i3d file with text editor (notepad++), search on files for wrong directories.

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