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Please help. Texture paint problems

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Created07.11.2016 15:50

Thomas Bjorland (saminus) 07.11.2016 15:51
Im trying to "paint" forest ground on my map.. but it wont show.. and other places i try to make concrete.. and same issue..

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 08.11.2016 19:03
Maybe you have already 4 ground materials in the quadrant you try to paint.If you dont know,giants engine have limitation with only 4 for one quadrant.
So,next time when you try to paint materials you can look in white letters that show under every paintable quadrant,when you choose "Terrain detail texture paint mode",in the editor.
If you have for example: grass,mountain_rock,cobblestone,gravel in that quadrant,this is it,you cant paint any new materials.

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