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Adding farming simulator 2017 terrain layer

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Created09.11.2016 12:20

Baki Tanriseven (Unknown) 09.11.2016 12:21
Hello, farming simulator How to add 2017 terrain layer?

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 10.11.2016 03:00
That's too vague of an question to answer, please try again, and ask specifically what you want to know with a good description. Are you asking how to add texture to a map?

F Thomas (theGerman) 10.11.2016 16:50
Sorry if I register here, because this is also my problem.
See my posting in the Giants Software Forum:

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 10.11.2016 17:36
Hmm,let me see if i understand you corectly,you want to edit original giants dds terain texture,and when you try to save,you get some errors?,or you get the errors when you try to open the map in the editor?,which is it?
To my knowledge,there is no any special dx textures outhere,they are only textures with alpha,or without alpha,some of dds converters/plugins,have more or less advance options
I mostly use paint net dds converter cause he have very good compatibility and plugin is also good in recognizing type of original files,so you can save it in best posible way.
On the other hand i have photoshop CS6 extended and nvidia normal map/dds plugin,this plugin is more advanced and more complicated.

F Thomas (theGerman) 11.11.2016 03:14
The problem was I myself, had a payer in the allocation of the IDs.
The first additional texture player is installed and can also be used.

Baki Tanriseven (Unknown) 20.11.2016 08:11
Thank you all, friends. I solved my problem.

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