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Created09.11.2016 22:46

Lawrence J Grunenwald Ries (Unknown) 09.11.2016 22:50
I am working on a map mod for my personal use. I want to add some hard wood trees and have some questions. How do or can I import files from FS17? I have some talk about .xml files, would someone please explain them to me and their purpose in FS17?


Tarja Valic (Unknown) 10.11.2016 18:47
Well i explain that already on this thread,so you should check it out:

xml files have varios purposes,everything in the game,tractors,seeders,plows,placeables have one of this xml files,inside is writen game code for specific game objects.Like how this object behave in the game,how lights behave,what sorts of tools you can put on tractor and so on,list is very,very long,imposible to explain completely.You must take your time to learn that,maybe would take months,or even years.
So you can take xml files,like some sort of ID,when cops ask you who you are,you show them your ID,so every object in the game have personal ID in the form of xml.
This is how stuff works...

James Ethan Huntington (Unknown) 27.12.2017 01:00
can you send me a link to my ps4 and my email address is

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