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Created12.11.2016 17:58

Raymond Larson (Unknown) 12.11.2016 18:04
I have created a little Microsoft Excel document for setting vehicle Horsepower. This is designed to calculate the maximum Horsepower, not Horsepower at max speed. It is very simple to use, and can be used for both FS15 and FS17. If you have issues with it, I'll check in to help out.

My reason for this is because I've downloaded too many vehicles where the actual Horsepower is much greater than what is stated. IE - a 250 HP tractor is actually pushing 400 HP. Following this should help. Yes I do realize the calculation numbers were different than I was given before, but that is because those numbers gave Horsepower at max speed.

Kevin Meyhoff-nissen (KevinMn) 15.11.2016 10:38
Does the game go by HP at max speed or?

Bernard Chazot (BernardC) 15.11.2016 13:49
sorry but i didn' t understand how to get this file in the link you gave

Raymond Larson (Unknown) 15.11.2016 17:18
Sorry Bernard, I didn't realize the link I chose was apparently a personal link for myself. I edited the link above so now it should work correctly, just has a 30 second wait timer.

Kevin, I am not too sure how the game is designed to determine where the max HP is in relation to speed. But from my background with engines, max HP is where HP actually tops out at. I guess it is adding a little more realism to the game from my perspective.

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