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No Mods That I Convert Are In Game?

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Created13.11.2016 14:31

Matt Turner (Unknown) 13.11.2016 14:35
Hey Guys,

This is the first time trying to mod Farm Sim 17. I Have previously converted mods for FS13 and FS15. I'm attempting to be lazy and use the Mod Converter, but after it all seems successful there is nothing in the Mod enabler after selecting the save game. The error log is completely free --> so free it doesn't even have the "Load Mod:" lines for the mods I'm trying to convert. Downloading other peoples mods go into the game just fine. Am I missing something really basic?? have watched a few tutorials, but everyone's mods just go directly in.

Thanks in advance!

Matt Turner (Unknown) 13.11.2016 14:38
I was trying to bring in my own modified versions of this Trailer and Dolly, but can't get this version to load in either, convincing me that I'm doing something wrong.

Jorn Hiel (fa285634) 13.11.2016 16:03
have a look where the converted ones are stored, they are not in your mod directory, but into a whole different folder

Matt Turner (Unknown) 14.11.2016 01:07
Thanks for the reply! Yeah I'm getting them out of the converted folder, zipping them into .rar and moving them into my mods folder. They simply don't get recognized at all by the game. They all have moddesc as 32.

Matt Turner (Unknown) 14.11.2016 01:53
hmmmm. My solution was already written. They cant be zipped into .rar they have to be in .zip format. I knew it had to be something basic!

Matt Wheeler (cwboy) 10.12.2016 10:45
its really hard for some one to convert mod that has cod..can anyone help me fix them

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