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Editing and Saving a Map As a Mod

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Created15.11.2016 07:45

Sonia Zanker (Unknown) 15.11.2016 07:48

I wanted to put some silos at the pig enclosure using GIANTS Editor. I got the silos there but now the only way I can use this edited map is by taking out all of the map files from the program files and replacing them with the ones that I edited.
Is there any way that I can save this edited map and put in my mods folder so it will work like any other mod??

Thanks in advance for any help, it is really appreciated :-)

Gs Modding (kennethdarnoldjr) 16.11.2016 09:27
You can export your map that you made with giants editor. Also in the program files there is a folder named sdk in there you will find the base map xml files and such needed to run ingame.

Hope that helps.

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