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What are the foliage setting for crops

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Created16.11.2016 03:31

Gs Modding (kennethdarnoldjr) 16.11.2016 03:33
I was interested in learning the foliage settings for crops. I have been looking for how to paint on windrows but can not seem to find it. Any help Thank you in advance.


James Norred (Cajunwolf) 16.11.2016 05:56
The video tutorials show you step by step. It's a bit too detailed to do a tutorial here.

Gs Modding (kennethdarnoldjr) 16.11.2016 07:22
I don't have access to the fs17 videos I am just wanting to know how to paint straw and grass_windrow onto the map. I knew how to do it in fs15 but fs17 changed it.

Gs Modding (kennethdarnoldjr) 18.11.2016 01:14

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