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Created16.11.2016 21:15

John Vanderheiden (johnv666) 16.11.2016 21:16
I am editing a map and have added storage silos for grass, straw, chaff, hay, woodchips, potato's and sugarbeets which work fine no error's or anything. My problem is now the existing silo will except those products too and my other silo excepts grains. Back in FS15 Blacky_BPG made a lua script called MultiFarm.lua, which separated multiple silo's on a map and I'm guessing with the mass change's on how triggers work in FS17 it wont work.
Does anyone have and clue as to how to tell these silo's that they are not one silo?

Rylan Givens (rylan) 17.11.2016 12:41
I think you need to wait, and hope that UPK will have the same feature as it did in FS15.. Thats what we used to keep silos independent as i couldnt find the lua from Blacky_BPG.

John Vanderheiden (johnv666) 17.11.2016 14:16
Thanks mate, I found a work around till something better comes out.

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