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Created21.11.2016 04:12

Zach William Helms (ZombieSlayer) 21.11.2016 04:15
I am trying to add wheels and tires into a mod. I am replacing wheels and tires that already exist on the mod. All went well until I loaded it up ingame. Everything works properly but the wheels and tires on the right side face the left side (Therefore I am looking at the Inside of the rim instead of the outside.) Please help been trying all day to fix, but I can't find one. Thanks!

Maaslandmods Author (Maaslandmods) 21.11.2016 14:36
In your xml is under wheelconfiguration is a isLeft="true" this has to be changed to isLeft="false"at some of the wheels. Not all of them!

If that doesnt work and you want me to take a look at it, send it to

Zach William Helms (ZombieSlayer) 22.11.2016 03:21
Okay thanks!

Zach William Helms (ZombieSlayer) 22.11.2016 03:30
Okay thanks!

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