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Created22.11.2016 22:31

Manny Dos Santos (Unknown) 22.11.2016 22:37
Hello farmers and moder.

Im doing a personal edit of Goldcrest Valley and i want to know if is posible change the starting crops and status of the owned fields. I edit in GE the tarrain detail and turn thye 3 fields just plowed but in game starting a new game still see the wheat over a dark plowed fiels and the other foliage too . i dont know its posible and if im doing something wrong.

Please if anyone know can point me in the right direction... ill be gratefull.

Thanks in advance

PS English isnt my native languaje so excuse me my grammar.

Manny Dos Santos (Unknown) 23.11.2016 14:25
Just deleting the tour icons.
Thanks to Hoot from the forum for the help.
Remember always do a backup to your mod before big changes.

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