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How to edit grass windrow height ?

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Created23.11.2016 22:41

Conor Gannon (cj1398) 23.11.2016 22:42
Right so I'm editing a map witch is Irish/English based and the height grass windrow height is way to low and i can barely see it when its cut on the ground.
Has anyone found a way to edit to edit the grass windrow height like you could do back in Fs 15,13 and 09.

William Burns (51stHD) 24.11.2016 14:18
I may be wrong, but as far as I can tell windrow is handled in an entirely different manner in FS17 and is based on the new tip anywhere feature

I think it's better as you can use a rower repeatedly and the windrow gets larger, this was not the case in FS15 where there was a limit to the benefit of multi pass rowing

Conor Gannon (cj1398) 24.11.2016 20:32
Ya I knew it was handled by the new tip anywear... But I didn't know if you keep rowing it would increase.... If i were to add a conditioner on t the mower like a windrower it might increase the grass height as I cut it

Samuel H. (modelleicher) 25.11.2016 01:41
Well the windrows have volume.. If your mower doesn't lay the grass down flat the whole width of the mower but in a windrow instead it will have more height as the same amount of material is fit in a less wide area..
So yeah that would be a way.

You could also increase the yield of grass.. (btw. did you try with or without fertilizing? As you can fertilize grass that is grown on fields it will yield 200% the amount than without fertilizer so the windrows are double the height on fertilized fields)

In my opinion the windrow system is one of the "hidden" great features in FS17.. making silage is fun now, you don't waste material by using rakes/rowers to put the material in a big windrow together..

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