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Error: FabrikScript Multiplayer Server

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Created02.12.2016 23:32

António Rocha (Gigabbyte) 02.12.2016 23:39
Hello all, I recently added factories on my map with fabrikscript but it turns out that single player works fine but when I load the map on my multiplayer server this error appears and the game does not boot.

Error: Running LUA method 'packetReceived'. Game / mods / GigaFarm / scripts / FabrikScript.lua: 684: bad argument # 1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)

Does anyone know how to do this? It only happens in multiplayer.
Thank you for your help!

671 function FabrikScript:writeAllStream(streamId, connection)
672 for k,v in pairs (self.Rohstoffe) do
673 if self.Rohstoffe[self.StoffeIdToName[]].TipTrigger then
674 streamWriteInt16(streamId,
675 streamWriteFloat32(streamId, v.fillLevel)
676 streamWriteBool(streamId, true);
677 else
678 streamWriteInt16(streamId,
679 streamWriteFloat32(streamId, v.fillLevel)
680 streamWriteBool(streamId, false);
681 end;
683 end
684 for k,v in pairs (self.Produkte) do
685 streamWriteInt16(streamId,
686 streamWriteFloat32(streamId, v.fillLevel)
687 end
688 local Fehler = self.Fehler or 0;
689 streamWriteInt16(streamId, Fehler)
690 end;

António Rocha (Gigabbyte) 03.12.2016 10:10
No one?

Jason Lapointe (leppylep) 08.02.2018 05:42
Did you ever figure it out? We are having the same issue

Tim (sliv) (Unknown) 11.02.2018 16:22
I haven't seen that particular error, but my first recommendation is to make sure you have the latest version of FabrikScript and that it isn't one of the older ones or a modified one. From the actual creators, version was the last version of the script and the Additional Triggers addon script, before they changed to developing the "mCompanyFactory" script:

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