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Map breaking texture bug

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Created03.12.2016 02:24

Steve Kay (Rezimator) 03.12.2016 02:31
Hello guy's I'm Stevie and I have a problem. I've had this happen twice now where everything in GE looks ok on edited map areas but when I go into the game itself I'm faced with very dark areas in the map where it has had terrain sculpted and then painted. Nothing in GE 7.05 clears it, deleting all layers, foliage through the channel numbers nothing, Clearing the map cache files in game or deleting the map generated cache files upon a GE save. This seems to me to be pretty serious, and I have spoken to the user on FS_UK with the same issue and he hasn't been able to clear it either. As you hit it with the draw distance circle in game it blends out to what was created and as it leaves it blends back in. Please see picture links of the issue. Many thanks and hope to hear from someone soon. The problem is connected to the terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm, Stevie.

Picture links showing the dark area in the map just outside the draw circle.

Spencer R Vetter (Unknown) 03.12.2016 02:51
I too have had the same problem, also the flickering terrain on even the standard in game map as well as the mod map i am currently working on. I had to start from scratch to fix it all and it was a major set back.

Steve Kay (Rezimator) 04.12.2016 13:12

Steve Kay (Rezimator) 05.12.2016 15:45
Hello Orval yes I did duplicate the powerstation water plane in the map and used it for a pond.

Steve Kay (Rezimator) 05.12.2016 20:19
Many Thanks Orval I will try that later tonight. regards Stevie.

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