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Created03.12.2016 21:21

Amaru Blakeway (Unknown) 04.12.2016 04:35
Welp.. do you know of any good forms that could help me out?

Raymond Larson (Unknown) 04.12.2016 18:36
Orval = just another spammer fishing for people to switch to other games which offer far less than FarmingSimulator does.

Amaru Blakeway (Unknown) 04.12.2016 23:13
lmao no one can change my opinion on farming simulator, it has and always will be my favourite farming game untill some can create a game with all the farming sim features PLUS features found in community mods.. Untill then we have to make do with what we have! even if that means going and playing other farming games C&C!
But over all faming sim 2017 has to be the best farming game due to its refined and new features!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.12.2016 14:04
Not spamming? And your hundreds of blames appended to nearly every thread here inside? Do you think they are helpful to the asking topic opener?
Giants doesn't have many employees. I'm happy if most of them are busy with bug removal and improving.
And btw: Giants is currently searching for personnel eg. "Customer Support Representative" and "Community Manager". What do you think? Is anybody interested if he sees forums like this as a playground for morons?

William Burns (51stHD) 06.12.2016 14:13
Here's what I think...since you asked :)

I think you have your definitions of modder & spammer all wrong for a start.

This software is designed to be open to anyone who wants to modify it, there is no obligation to publish these modifications and most who take the time to joint this forum do so to access modding tools and information, this in turn makes them all modders, so Raymond is a modder

Two days ago you posted the same post on most of the topics on this board, you posted the same thing on two of my topics, I replied to only one as I see that as enough, unlike you who want to spam everyone, this makes you a spammer

I can also understand why Raymond thinks you are here to promote another software as you mention it plenty enough to the point I had a look at it

What do i think of that?...I see it's not completed yet and they are asking for money to develop it, not buy it, so you are comparing something that is here with something that has yet to be here, if indeed it ever is here

How can you compare the support or lack of support here against a software that is not yet even released?

Please stop spamming the board as it requires time to check out new posts, time is precious and being frustrated to find the same copy & paste spam is a frustration many of us could live without...thanks

Ted Fanning (wickedset) 06.12.2016 19:03
William, I could not have put it better and it had to be said, thank you

Gonimy Vetrom (Vasilius) 06.12.2016 21:09
Orval Hilliard (sixgun) You must be tenderfoot here? Last year, too, Emil went on vacation, and the panic started.

Ted Fanning (wickedset) 10.12.2016 09:40
Orval, the one thing I'm not mad about is you pointing out a fact.

What I and a lot of others are mad about is you acting like a spoiled 4 year old kid with your stupid copy & paste to ruin lots of posts and maybe messed up this whole forum.

We don't know what the backlash from your actions will be, but there will be one, hopefully they won't moderate the whole board, with all posts having to be approved, and just moderate you for a time.

Already there will have been some that won't come back to the forum, which is a shame because it is a friendly forum where help is available, even to the complete novice.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 11.12.2016 07:08
Remember the official support forum is ""
This is the forum of Giants DEVELOPER NETWORK. Are you a DEVELOPER working for Giants?
If the guys are absent (sick, vacancy, busy with other) you'll have to wait and not snivel your toy or mom has gone.

Ted Fanning (wickedset) 11.12.2016 09:32
Sorry Orval, I do blame you.

A lot of questions do go unanswered and have still gone unanswered, after your childish rampage, it achieved NOTHING except anger, outrage, disgust and horror that someone could and would do such a thing on this forum, but the worst part is YOU thinking you have done no wrong, you have done wrong and you are part of a growing group of people that think they should have everything they want when they want it.

Bilbo, thanks, I forgot that, Giants are game developers, not 3d editing software developers.

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