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How to install Map Animation Trigger on a map for FS2017

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Created04.12.2016 03:11

Amaru Blakeway (Unknown) 04.12.2016 03:20
Hi I've been trying to install map animation trigger on my map now for a couple of days, I'm using a sample map from NLD with extra foliage layers. but i just can't seem to get this mod to work on my map. I've downloaded other people's maps that DO work with map animation trigger and I've tried to look in their map file to see what they might have that I'm missing, but i cant seem to find anything? is this just me or? iv have also tried many times to use the install information that Map Animation Trigger gives you to install it but it says i need to go into my maps .lua file and i don't have one? also, the maps that i have downloaded DONT have a .Lua file either!! I'm was about to give up on this but, i really want to use MAT (Map Animation Trigger) in my map and I won't settle without it. Someone please help lmao

Amaru Blakeway (Unknown) 04.12.2016 23:22
Okay, my bad i found out that the install instructions have not been updated in the Animation map trigger download, and that giants have created a install for Animation map trigger!

Terazie Shaun (terazie) 09.12.2016 11:04
so how do you install them then? don't understand it so far

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 22.12.2016 00:34
It installs a door and light trigger template you duplicate and rename for each animated door, gate, or light switch. For each of these items you have to have 110n data and inputbindings in your maps modDesc.xml file to work.

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