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Created07.12.2016 20:31

Morel Clement (Unknown) 07.12.2016 20:37
I have a problem on giants editor
I downloaded a samplemap But when I try to put foliage they do not appear
???? reason??

sorry for my english

Bengt Sæther (Nordvarg) 08.12.2016 12:22
Hi Morel :)

1. Some FS17 blank maps / starter maps have issues. This one should work:

2. I presume that you painted the foliage layers in GE 7.0.5, right? (7.0.5 is the latest GE version - you can download it from the download section.)

Point 1 and 2 hopefully take care of you not being able to see the foliage in GE (if that is the problem).

3. If not seeing the foliage in-game, I have to ask this: Did you remember to start a new game? (You have to start a new game in order for the engine to register the foliage changes.)


William Burns (51stHD) 08.12.2016 14:26

I typed this out on the web last night, but lost it due to being auto logged out :) So here goes again...everything I put in here I have tested on Giants Editor v 7.0.5 with a standard and a modded map - Mappinghausen

To successfully paint foliage in the GE you need to ensure several steps are taken in preparation before any foliage will show up.

I am going try to list these steps in order and explain them as best I can and in the simplest English.

8th Dec 2016 if there is any update to it I will make it clear here

1. You must open the "Terrain Editing" window.
a. Go to "window" in the task bar on the top right and select "Terrain Editing".

2. You must enable the "Terrain foliage paint mode".
a. Click on the button that looks like a plant with two green leaves in the toolbar.

3. Set up your mouse buttons to ADD & SUBTRACT.
a. Look in the "Terrain Editing" window at the "Brush" section.
b. Set your mouse button here, N.B. you must have an ADD button set here or the foliage will not show. Other brush settings are optional.

4. You must select a fruit to paint
a. Look in the "Terrain Editing" window at the "Foliage Layer Painting" section.
b. Select your fruit from the "Foliage Layer" drop down
c. This automatically sets up the fruit on the 1st row of the "Foliage Channels" grid, row 0,1,2,3
Wheat is 0
Grass is 1
Rape is 2
Maize is 0+2
and so on, see for yourself

5. Growth state of the fruit must also be selected.
a. Look in the "Terrain Editing" window at the "Foliage Channels" section.
b. Fruit growth state is selected 2nd row of the "Foliage Channels" grid, row 4,5,6,7

c. Standard fruits have 6 growth stages
1st 5
2nd 4+5
3rd 6
4th 5+6(ready to harvest)
5th 7(withered)
6th 4+7(harvested)

d. Grass has only 3 growth stages
1st 5
2nd 4+5
3rd 6

e. Poplar has 5 growth stages
1st 5
2nd 4+5
3rd 6
4th 4+6(ready to harvest)
5th 5+6(harvested)

f. Potato Haulum & Sugar beet Haulum are on the 3rd row of the "Foliage Channels" grid, 8

This should be enough to get you painting with standard fruits, addon fruits on modded maps will have different values in the "Foliage Channels" grid but might have the same growth state values, depending on how they are added by the modder.

At some point you will need to play around with a little bit of trial and error to get the result you want.

Good luck and if you need any extra help or explanation I will try to assist, or someone with a better understanding than me might step in.

Morel Clement (Unknown) 08.12.2016 17:21
I have just downloaded the map I have she does not display
One see only objects but not the floor that to make?

Marcel Starre (Unknown) 10.09.2017 10:11
And what in the world is the channel number for cut grass?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.09.2017 08:43

'cutted stage' is the same as 'first (visible) growing stage'.
That's also the reason why grass keeps on growing.


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