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Painting windrow foliage

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Created10.12.2016 22:12

Adam Frederick (ENG51INE) 10.12.2016 22:16
I am wondering how to pain wheat windrow in GE. I noticed that it is not a choice in the foliage layers, so I went about adding it like you would in the GE V6, and nothing happens. I know that there are new dynamics with the new game engine where you can scoop up with the windrow with a bucket whereas you could not do that before in FS15.

I am trying to create a snow map that has plowable snow. Historically, we would create a snow plow and script it as a "windrower" and move the snow that way. With the new addition of levelers, it would probably be more useful to rescript a snow plow as a leveler now. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 14.12.2016 21:40
the only way you create a windrow is in game and thier saved on the terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm, you cuold add hay or grass and straw windrow to a silo ,save the game edit the vehicles xml. and fill the silo up.You could add it to the map as a filltype useing theAdditionalMapTpes script like you would sand or lime but you would have to spread it all over the map in game save and copy your saved games terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm and put it in your map01 that would be alot of work and you would have to remove any tipcol in info layer wheir you whant to put the snow

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