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Which File saves the heaps?

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Created13.12.2016 14:47

Kjffhafa (Zocker98nsmods) 13.12.2016 14:49
Everytime I make a new Mapversion I reload some files, but after that the heaps, wood chips or wheat etc. are away, they aren't saved in the vehicle xml or savegame.xml maybe someone can help me?
Thanks a lot.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 14.12.2016 21:24
thier in the terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm so after you make your heaps copy it from yuor saved game to your
map01 and remove the old one.

Kjffhafa (Zocker98nsmods) 18.12.2016 12:29
Thank so you so much. Everytime I create a new map after I edited something in GE I was like no my heaps yre gone..

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