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How can I tell what color a color code is? Eg.0.9 0.9 0.9 0.4

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Created15.12.2016 00:05

Palle Schilling (Unknown) 15.12.2016 00:06
Or other color codes.
there is a program that works the opposite of Dyable color picker

Palle Schilling

William Burns (51stHD) 15.12.2016 12:23

I'm not sure if you were asking there a program, or stating...there is a program

Anyhow, there is this program called color converter, I'm not sure if it's what you are looking for, or even how to get it to work

You can find it here

Marcus H (Xentro) 15.12.2016 19:31
These 4 values are as following
R, G, B, Alpha

For an starter you will have to convert your rgb values which you can do by multiply your value with 255 and if you want to convert it to 0-1 then divide with 255.
0.9 * 255 = 229.5
229.5 / 255 = 0.9

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