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Straw swath not showing over entire field

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Created17.12.2016 15:40

David Kington (ShyWizard) 17.12.2016 15:49
I am trying to convert a map from FS15 to FS17 & having issues with the straw swath not showing over the entire field.
When i harvest the field in some areas the straw swath is not given but then the harvester dumps the lot in one big pile.
I have used the grle converter for the cultivator density,fruit density & infoLayer which all show up without errors.
I have tested this is all fields over the map & the same problem occurs so it's not limited to on specific field or area on the map.
Additional i can not tip grain in these area either using the tip anywhere function.
Any help or ideas would be great.
Thx David

William Rowe (Bonger76) 18.12.2016 06:20
go to your Info Layer Painting in terrian Editing select tipcol under infoLayer and where ever it is painted white on the map you can not tip thier or drop straw swath just subtract from the areas you would like to tip in and paint the areas you dont like streets and around buildings and after you get every thing painted or subtracted run the Scripts- FS17- maps -Create Ground Collision- Map it takes a few minutes then save.Had the same problem when started 4x map when i stretch every thing out . The Scripts and tipCol are new you need to be running 7.0.5

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