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Created18.12.2016 13:51

Ted Fanning (wickedset) 18.12.2016 13:55
Can someone tell me where the trigger for the rail crossings are, please. When I copy/duplicate and move them they don't work when the train goes through.
Thanks Ted

Ted Fanning (wickedset) 20.12.2016 23:20
Thanks to James Norred for the answer to this in the editor category at

Kjffhafa (Zocker98nsmods) 21.12.2016 20:20
Thank you after I saw this post I tried it but you're right there isnt any trigger, Im glad someone could help us.
Have nice feast days

William Rowe (Bonger76) 23.12.2016 19:42
they need to be add in your map01_trainSystem01.xml and map01_trainSystem02.xml with new index number,and in GE you have to remove the $data/ so that it will open the edited verision of map01_trainSystem01.xml in map01_trainSystem02.xml you have to add the
<railroadObject className="RailroadCrossing" index="1" startDistance="125" endDistance="125" >
<gate index="1|0|0" startRot="0 0 0" endRot="90 0 0" duration="3" closingOffset="1.5" />
<gate index="1|1|0" startRot="0 0 0" endRot="90 0 0" duration="3" closingOffset="1.5"/>
<signals index="1|0|1" alternatingLights="true" />
<signals index="1|1|1" alternatingLights="true" />
<crossingSound file="data/maps/sounds/trainCrossingBell.wav" radius="50" innerRadius="20" />
<railroadObject className="RailroadCrossing" index="2" startDistance="125" endDistance="125" >
<gate index="2|0|0" startRot="0 0 0" endRot="90 0 0" duration="3" closingOffset="1.5" />
<gate index="2|1|0" startRot="0 0 0" endRot="90 0 0" duration="3" closingOffset="1.5"/>
<signals index="2|0|1" alternatingLights="true" />
<signals index="2|1|1" alternatingLights="true" />
<crossingSound file="data/maps/sounds/trainCrossingBell.wav" radius="50" innerRadius="20" />

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 24.12.2016 01:49
I do mine a little different. I of course reset the directory path in GE, but I rename my files to just trainSystem01 ect, or personal preference I guess; that and I like to separate any connections possible with the @$data to linking everything I can within my maps on archives.

Kjffhafa (Zocker98nsmods) 26.12.2016 21:13
HEy, I tried it with trainsystem 02 seems it isnt possbile is that right? Changed everything but it wont work?

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 27.12.2016 01:35
I use train system 1, 2, & 3 and they all work. Be sure the path is to your map and not the $data game root directory in your trainSystem files too. Also change the name from map01_trainSystem.xml to just trainSystem.xml. Remember, the original Goldcrest has two train systems, and these files still link back to the games root. If you have this right and the spline, it will work.

Kjffhafa (Zocker98nsmods) 01.01.2017 19:01
Doesn't worked. Correct paths etc. when I load the game it says "Error: Invalid spline index!
Error: Loading onCreateLoadedObject 'careerVehicles.onCreateLoadedObjects.onCreateLoadedObject(1)'
dataS2/character/player/player02.i3d (494.04) ms"
But if I do it at Trainsystem01 it works...

Kevin Portner (Unknown) 10.01.2017 23:01
so i am trying to add railroad crossings to a map. have everything right in the trainsystem.xml but i cant figure out how to change the file path for user attributes for the trainsystem without putting in the whole file path example (C:/user/username/documents/ mygames/farmingsimulator/mod/map/.xml) need to know how to shorten it like the default files in data folder ($data/map/.xml) but the start would be the modded map folder instead of the game data folder! please help

Kevin Portner (Unknown) 10.01.2017 23:05

Kevin Portner (Unknown) 10.01.2017 23:08

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