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Created19.12.2016 11:52

John Colson (Unknown) 19.12.2016 12:12
Hello everyone!

I decided to increase my map from 1024 to 2048. I have no problem with map01_dem and with gdm / grle files. But when I tried to increase ***_weight.png files GE gives me errors: size incorrect. Same size as is needed. I've found explanation: "Like height maps, weight
maps must be square images. No rectangles". But what does it exactly means? I used photoshop to increase my mountainRock_weight.png (for instance) from 1024x1024 to 2048x2048. So this is not rectangle, this is square! So why I have this errors? Even if I copy ***_weight.png files from another 4x proper working map I still have this errors.

Help me please! I've read a lot of topics but nothing help.:(((

Mngrazy Grazy (Unknown) 19.12.2016 13:17
you must resize all _weight files ,,, not only one !

John Colson (Unknown) 19.12.2016 15:41
to Mngrazy Grazy (mngrazy070778)

OH yes! Thank you friend! I spent a lot of time solving "incorrect format. Must be 8bit single channel" errors and when I solved them I started convert it one by one. Now I understand that I should convert it all together.

Thank you again!

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