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importing silage silo

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Created22.12.2016 02:33

Derek Berghout (Unknown) 22.12.2016 02:36
Looking for some help importing placeable silage silo in with giants editor..i imported the two mixfeeders (pigs and cows) with no problems. silage silo shows up in game but cant unload or load

Kjffhafa (Zocker98nsmods) 22.12.2016 14:34
Think you have to open the windows user attributes and name the path etc, but Im not sure. Sorry

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 22.12.2016 17:28
Check your tipCollision to make sure it's hasn't been painted under the silo bins floor. You might want to double check you trigger box too to make sure you have all of the user attributes set properly, and your collision mask is right.

Derek Berghout (Unknown) 22.12.2016 23:12
I went through everything on the silo in the user attributes in GE only one spot to set a path to a I3D file, and all the tip triggers look like they should..Im not sure its possible..well im sure it is to someone lol..just not me, there is no input or output triggers like other mods? I appreciate you guys taking the time

William Rowe (Bonger76) 23.12.2016 23:43
check for errors in GE and game log because you might not get erros in GE but do when you start map, and you have to make shure that the silo has a saveId in the attributes,if the silo uses fabscript , like the Fermenter it makes a saveId from the silos name so make shure that name is not used by some other silo on your map.if it is just a silo for storage of silage you cuold copy one of the silo trigger groups change the storage number and add it to your map.xml copy one of the farmsilos and add silage as filltype and remove the other filltypes. If it is a UPK silage silo a dont know how to get them to work from map,so if any knows how to get the UPK mod to load the objects in the map would like to know would like to get fruit trees working in my map like FS15.

hope that helps ,

Derek Berghout (Unknown) 24.12.2016 02:33
unfortunately it is the UPK silo placeable works great just was hoping to locate it where placeable wont go..thanks for the info though Bill good to know been kinda learning as i go along;-)

William Rowe (Bonger76) 25.12.2016 04:13
Thier must be a way to get the UPK objects to load from your map like the way the silo mod uses the AAA_UniversalProcessKit mod you use to just
have like the mod dose the onCreare attribute UniversalProcessKit .onCreate .

Jason Fiset (jasonf) 27.12.2016 08:48
I'm having the same problem just copying the in-game cowSilo Bunker. I copied the one on the goldcrest valley map and placed it at another location on the map, renamed it and I can't unload a forage wagon with grass in it. No errors or warnings in the log. Is there some way to debug this with the built in debugger tools?

William Rowe (Bonger76) 29.12.2016 00:21
You first should check if thier is tipCol painted on the ground where you placed the silo and make shure that theisTutorialSilo is not check uncheck it,the tipCol is under the infoLayer painting under infoLayer tipCol check it and every wher it is painted white you can not tip,if it is painted under you mew silo remove it and run the scripts create ground collision map and then save ,check the console make shure it saved you will need to do this when you add wall and storage that that has a tipCol trigger.


Jason Fiset (jasonf) 30.12.2016 06:47
This is a map I'm converting from 15 and I'm wondering if because it had additional fruit types that it thinks that what I'm trying to tip in the silo is not grass based on a numerical identifier. The silo bunker is a pretty basic one with no floor (uses the ground for the base) and two cement sides similar to GoldCrest Valley. I'm going to try to import this bunker into another map that I know works to see if it's something that I brought forward from the old map.

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