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Created26.12.2016 02:31

George Smith (Unknown) 26.12.2016 02:46
When I click on the blue dot at the, "e" or "s" on the traffic splines and left click, the the spline just disappears. I'm building my own map and I can't get the splines to work that were in the map that I download to build myself.I want to change the traffic and pedestrian splines. Any help would be appreciated

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 26.12.2016 04:58
Just make new ones. I never had any luck editing existing splines. I haven't messed with the traffic yet, but have built three railroads from scratch and the trains run on splines, the tracks are there for optics only. To connect - disconnect the splines you hit the "O" key with either the S or E active in the gizmo.

George Smith (Unknown) 26.12.2016 15:45
Thanks alot James but when I made my own spline and then hit the "O" key, the spline connected but in the game there won't any traffic or pedestrians . I can't edit any of the splines in any of the starter maps whatsoever, for example "NLDFarmers_Start_Map". You'd think someone with Giant's Editor or the people who make all these sample mod maps would let us know, Hopefully the people that made"NLDFarmers_Start_Map" will see this and let us know how to do this so I can have the pedestrians and the vehicle traffic going which ever way I want them to. I've made a few maps in FS 2017 and the pedestrian and vehicle splines are always just about the last thing but I can never get them to work. I've tried everything. Thanks again, sorry for the book I just wrote.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 26.12.2016 21:06
Did you edit the trafficSystem.xml file? It's probably listed a "map01_trafficSystem.xml," and you have to have one of these for your traffic systems just like with the trains. It should be in your maps maps directory, and you have to have it for your traffic and pedestrians to spawn and work.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 27.12.2016 05:21
You have to make shure your new spline is under the trafficSplines transformGroup with the, onCreate TrafficSystem.onCreate, and the xmlFile
$data/maps/map01_trafficSystem.xml attributes same with the pedestrianSplines. If you have a new spline made cut and past it thier and it should

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.12.2016 08:11
Just a short note about the xml files:
If you exported from a standard map, the xmlFile points to install directory "$data/maps/*.xml".
But if you want to use the xml's in your map folder, you must adapt accordingly: xmlFile = "maps/*.xml".

George Smith (Unknown) 27.12.2016 09:39
Thanks alot guys for all the help but I think I'm going to give it up till tomorrow, It's 3:30am Tuesday morning here in North Carolina. There's a few things I'm kinda confused about but I'm not going to give up on it, that's for sure.

George Smith (Unknown) 27.12.2016 17:50
I've finally got me some traffic. Thanks for all the help.

George Smith (Unknown) 27.12.2016 20:58
Seems like all of a sudden I've got things messed up but with your instructions I'm going to keep trying and if I ever get this straight, I'll never forget it. But am I supposed to save Giants editor after I make my spline before going into notepad and making the changes there? and do I put the info, $data/maps/map01_trafficSystem.xml under the line, <Attribute name="onCreate" type="scriptCallback" value="TrafficSystem.onCreate"/> Thanks,George

Orosz Stanislav (lopraiz2) 27.12.2016 21:01
How to get to the wagon other than basic crops? Where and how to register?

George Smith (Unknown) 28.12.2016 01:00
I agree 100%. I have made several nice FS 15 maps without any problems with splines or anything else whatsoever. I'm going to start back playing FS 15. I had already built about 3 real nice farms and I just reinstalled Giants Editor 6.05 and I might build me a bigger one. I'll keep checking back and maybe they'll come out with an update to solve the problem. It's just that I like to build my own maps.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 29.12.2016 01:02
what Bilbo was saying is that you have to remove the $data/ from in front of $data/maps/map01_trafficSystem.xml in the attibutes in GE under the
trafficSplines transform group so that it opens the trafficSystem.xml from your map if that is what you whant so you can edit the .xml and change the cars that spawn in if you dont care about that dont change anything just make shure that you new spline is under that transforgroup trafficSplinees and game will load everthing from giants data.

George Smith (Unknown) 05.01.2017 00:36

I'm sorry if it looks like I wrote a book but I just had to explain everything. This was done in GIANTS_Editor_7.0.5_win64
I love to make my own map and I've tried to edit the traffic and pedestrian splines in FS 2017. Every time I clicked on the connection of the spline, it just disappeared. I've tried everything. I've spent the last 3 or 4 days trying to figure this out and I finally did. Somehow I just happened to think what I have below, it works perfect I tried it on my blank map I have about 10 times and several other blank maps and it worked perfect. I might have explained it in too much detail but I just wanted anyone to know exactly how I did it. It might not work on all blank maps but it sure worked on my "Blank4fachmap" and the other blank maps I have. I Hope it works for you. George Smith

I opened my blank map in Giants Editor. I clicked on Splines., then the plus mark beside of "trafficSplines". I have 9 trafficSplines. I clicked on trafficSpline01, which it woughtn't matter which one you choose. When I clicked on trafficSpline01 to hightlite it, I then clicked on the plus mark beside of "pedestrianSplines"
to open it, I naturally could see all my pedestrianSplines and trafficSplines. I then clicked on "splines" to highlight it, then the trafficSpline I had selected disappeared. With "splines" still hightleted, I then pressed and held the "shift" key and then clicked on the last traffic spline and everything all the way up to "
splines" was hightlited. After that I released the shift key and everything was still highlighted. The blue dots that are covered with the "S and E" but no traffic spline showed up. If you go over to the right and select "visibility", the trafficSpline will show up. Then if you click on the blue dots or in the area of the e and s that are together, you'll be able to separate the two just like we did in FS 2015. With the blue dots close to each other you can click on the letter "O" and the spline will connect. If you want to reverse the direction of your traffic, press the letter "O" again to separate the spline. You can then click on the blue dots and separate them and you'll see one has "Y" in the end and the other has "E" on the end. If you click on the letter "R", not capitalized of course, that will switch the "y" and "e" on the blue dots and your traffic will go the opposite direction. Naturally, you can definitely edit the spline exactly like you did in FS 2015. I hope this works for anybody who reads this because it sure works for me. You can still just connect the 2 blue dots together if you want to but getting them close together, that definitely connects them. That's the way I did it in FS 2015, just connecting the dots.
I have traffic and pedestrians on my 2017 map and can edit the pedestrian and traffic splines any time I want to.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 05.01.2017 02:51
oops .. sorry .. wrong thread

Ron Smith (pasnthru99) 11.01.2017 03:23
NOR3MSTI did a video on how to edit those, google his youtube.

Houben Wim (Willem234) 24.02.2018 01:34

I made in a map a small change with one of the railroads and I want my train to follow it(Tried to but didn't work), I'm pretty new with the editor and I don't know how to edit/make proper splines.
Any ideas or tutorials I can do?

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