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Changing a harvester into a forage harvester

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Created02.01.2017 01:22

Jonathan Mcartor (Unknown) 02.01.2017 01:27
I have been trying to change a harvester to be a forage harvestor. My goal is so that the forage harvestor will have a hopper for storage so the forage harvester can keep harvesting when I go to dump my trailer. I was able to change the harvester into a forage harvester and be able to attach the head. However when i go to harvest with it, it will collect some then will stop working to where I can't do anything in the game and the hours on the harvester start climbing drastically. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 02.01.2017 14:03
In principle you had to change/add certain xml tags to give the machine a tank. You need only compare a chopper with a harvester-thresher to see what's missing or has to be changed.

However harvesting forage is tricky, because the chopper cutters convert all input to output chaff. You had to mod also several cutters to keep the orig. fruitType.

Much easier is using a mod'ed auger wagon behind the chopper with <.. fillTypeCategories="bulk" .. />

Jonathan Mcartor (Unknown) 02.01.2017 22:16
Thanks. I converted the auger wagon right after I posted this. It was easier to just change the fillTypeCategories="bulk" then changing a bunch of other tags. Thanks for the reply.

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