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Created02.01.2017 19:29

Don Sadler (donsadlerjr) 02.01.2017 19:30
So looking around at everything on this site and I have not seen many people use it for anything. I was wondering if anyone has used the XML code from there server to push information to external sites.

I noticed you also have Link Savegame files that list everything about your game where you can push all this for external people to see the stats of your farm.
I looked at the SDK Giant provides and it is basic just wanting to see what everyone else is using this for. was thinking about writing some stuff and then giving it out for free just wanting to see what is able to be done with it and see what people have done.

At one point I ran into a guy that was making something like what Virtual Trucking Company's have but for farming and using this but looks like he has stopped development on it.

Don Sadler (donsadlerjr) 04.01.2017 15:23
Is there anyway to call commands to the other files listed to show other details on a site??
Like the


Don Sadler (donsadlerjr) 05.01.2017 05:39
Man any information anywhere on this web stats SDK wanting to know if you can code the field numbers or get them from the server. Man this web stats sdk is basic basic

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