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How to create a Train Send off scenario?

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Created07.01.2017 09:14

Steve Richardson (Unknown) 07.01.2017 09:33
Hi There,

I have just got into map building and am loving the amount of resource out there for learning, I am pretty advanced in my build and am struggling with the import of a send off grain train I imported from Nordfreisch Marsch.

This is what I have done so far to try and get it working:

1) Exported the spline from host map as i3d, and imported it into my map.
2) Exported the send off trigger and object (with lever), and imported it into my map.
3) Copied map02_train.xml into my maps folder.

I have checked the LUA and Scripts of the host map and there is no reference in the animatedObjects.xml or animatedObjects.lua of the grain train or it's trigger.

When I open my map the train is sat there on the tracks by the send off trigger does not register the player, or work.

Any help would be most appreciated.



James Norred (Cajunwolf) 09.01.2017 04:02
Copy the one from Sosnovka, FS17 doesn't use LUA scripts.

Steve Richardson (Unknown) 10.01.2017 11:58
Thanks James, will look at this tonight. Cheers

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