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Is there a Way to import a Roadnetwork from Real LIfe ?

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Created07.01.2017 15:51

Nico Scholte (Unknown) 07.01.2017 15:54
Hi Guys !

I want to build a map from my real village and now i want to start with getting the roads done. My Question is if there is a way were i dont have to place the roads individually can i "copy " the streets from real ? Any tutuorial i watched didnt work in FS 17 ,

Thanks for helping
* NIco

Kamil Patryk (CML99) 12.01.2017 20:34
Look for some spline/road generators (as a pluging for 3Ds Max if I'm not wrong). Set a spline based on the real road layout, specify a road model and you should get it done, then just convert it.
I'm not familiar with this though.

Myself I used road construction kit (straight, curved, angled road parts) and placed them manually. It sure takes a lot of time, but does the job accurately.

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