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Warning: Old Shapes file format version found

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Created08.01.2017 06:56

Rick Ozmun (rick16595) 08.01.2017 06:59
Anyone know how to fix this warning: Old shapes file format version found. This is my first converted mod from 15.

*turbostar* (federicocuci) 08.01.2017 14:17
To solve this warning simply save and reopen your i3d.

Rick Ozmun (rick16595) 08.01.2017 21:02
Thanks that worked

Werner Hack (wildberry) 15.01.2017 14:47
I have the same issue. Saving did not work. If someone can point me to the FS15 > FS17 conversion tutorial that would be helful as Giants has hidden this stuff so well ecen Google can't help me!

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