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4x map issues?

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Created14.01.2017 22:42

Jake Harkness (JakeHarkness) 14.01.2017 22:43
i am having issues with 4x maps with random cultervated patches flashing on and off near painted texture

Steve Richardson (Unknown) 15.01.2017 09:36
I think you have to resize the texture files using gimp or some such, there is a GRLE converter on this site somewhere.

Kevin Meyhoff-nissen (KevinMn) 16.01.2017 20:47
What size? I was working on a 4x map, and had to make the cultivator_density.gdm a .png and it was 4096x4096, but should it be that big?

William Rowe (Bonger76) 17.01.2017 06:54
Kevin, yes the cultivator_density.gdm and the fruit_density.gdm are 4096x4096 ,map_dem is 2049x2049 everthing else is 2048x2048,and in your map.xml maker yuor <ingameMap filename="maps/pda_map_H.png" width="4096" height="4096" /> so that your in the right spot on your PDA

Jake Harkness (JakeHarkness) 18.01.2017 02:37
Yes i have got everything right it just wont work, I think its a giants problem

William Rowe (Bonger76) 18.01.2017 04:41
Jake make shure you empty your shader_cache and any saved games of the map your working on and aways test with new game,for some reason even when starting a new game if thier is a saved game before you made changes it uses the shader_cache and other setting from that saved game.

Jake Harkness (JakeHarkness) 18.01.2017 06:04
tried that and didn't help

Kevin Meyhoff-nissen (KevinMn) 18.01.2017 09:23
I have experienced the same, I could even see it in GE. Somehow it doesn't show that much anymore, don't think I've done anything differently.

William Rowe (Bonger76) 18.01.2017 22:16
Jake what i would try is to in GE go to terrain edit select terrain detail and remove all from your map do that to every whear on the map even if it its not painted thier then save and check it out in game,you can get the same problem with fruits,when you look at the PDA and it shows something growing thier and thier is nothing thier you have to figure out what type of fruit it is and whear it is at then go back into GE go to that spot with that
fruit type selected and remove that fruit type over that area even if nothing is showing thier in GE and save.Had that problem when I replanted an area that was wheat replanted it with grass but in PDA it showed spots of wheat and thier was no wheat and had another spot whear I had a road
then did the above,with wheat selected removed the area and then replanted grass and then saved then back in game on the PDA it was gone it has to do with the fruit fruit_density.gdm,and the cultivator_density.gdm ,if you copied your pngs over from another map then the editor converting them to
gdm,its reading stuff that cant be seen so you have to remove all over the hole map some times even when nothing is showing.

Jake Harkness (JakeHarkness) 19.01.2017 05:43
I will try that thanks

Jake Harkness (JakeHarkness) 19.01.2017 06:17
it didn't help, I cleared everything saved then went in and there was no issues, but when I went back in and painted some terrain then saved and went back into game and the terrain was there but there was also the random areas flickering

William Rowe (Bonger76) 19.01.2017 18:49
Jake if the flickering is a green checker board that you can see a distance in you cultivated fields i dont know what causes that i have it in two spots on my map its only at a distance in hilly field havent noticed it after testing map planting and harvesting and recultivating,you try with if it is with the fields working the fields and put the saved game cultivator_density.gdm in your map to replace the old,havent tried this you should do the fruit_density.gdm to so they mach up with what is planted on the fields.

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